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Feeling run down at work? Plodding on amidst a rising tide of funding cuts and mounting pressures? Then my prescription for you is an evening of lightning talks.

Last week I went to the Therapy Ideas Live event for Speech and Language Therapists (my day job) The strict five minutes time slot for each speaker is a challenge for the pithiest of presenters, but it made it possible to cram in such a wealth of ideas from such a variety of people, that I fell in love with the format. The pace fostered a sense that everyone has something worth saying, that if we share our ideas we can build on them.

Working in any job subject to change and uncertainty can make you feel tired and entrenched in specific ways of working; but that room was filled with people enthusiastic about their contribution, and encouraging others to think the same. It reminded me to start from where I am: rather than bemoan the limited resources available to me, I need to focus on how I can make a difference with what I have. And, having been to this event, I have plenty of new ideas to get me started.

So, lightning talks were a much-needed dose of positivity in my work. Have you come across something similar? If you had five minutes, what would you tell people about?

2 thoughts on “Lightning Talks

  1. What a wonderful idea! The room where the event was held must have been buzzing with ideas and energy! I can imagine something similar would work wonderfully well at a blogging seminar … now that’s an idea … Annie wonders off muttering (imagine a light bulb above her head) … ;)

    Nice post :D

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