Quote of the Month: Dare

bike view

The answer to the pressure of our days is one and simple: dare. Dare to live while life is passing. You’ll never live otherwise.
David Seabury

We’re off to Pembrokeshire this week; leaving behind all our everyday chores and dramas for a week in a stone cottage by the sea. Something about spring, always finds us heading off to a remote spot. We’ll be running around, reading aplenty, and testing the local ales (and taking plenty of photos to share on our return..)

A Surprise Feast


Wednesday’s almost here and I’m still brimful from the weekend of family celebrations, games with friends, and incredible food from start to finish.

Friday was marked by the perfect steak at the Angel & Blue Pig. The whole family arrived in Lymington by boat, train, or bike to surprise my dad and celebrate a rather auspicious birthday.

The PigCocktails by the fire

Saturday played host to the best ingredients I’ve ever tasted. We were defiant of the drizzle and arrived at the door of The Pig Hotel after a muddy tour of woods, streams and parkland, to dry by the fire and drink mulberry cocktails.

bridge and tablesFamily We ate in a bustling garden room of irresistible dishes (including a burnt cream to die for) and filled up on delicious food and good company. No amount of drizzle can dampen spirits when there’s this much fun to be had.

New Shoes


Finally! The ground has dried up a little.  Running in the countryside no longer involves running through deep puddles, or sliding in thick mud.  So, I’m retiring my old very muddy pair of shoes.  I walked in that pair of shoes for years before I gave in and started doing a bit of running.  And this winter they’ve witnessed hail storms, landslides, and a lot of wet dirt.  

I bought my new shoes from the local running store, which was so much more fun than buying them online.  I even had a go on a treadmill (how have I got to 31 and never tried one before?!) This is the first pair of shoes I have purposefully bought for running.  I’m looking forward to more days running on dry tracks, through green meadows, with only the odd April shower.  I might still be a newbie, but I think this running habit might be sticking…

Why Nature Rocks: March Reads


March has surprised me with some beautiful spring days. After so much rain, it’s wonderful to see some blossom. What with soaking up plenty of outdoor time, it’s been a perfect month to read Last Child in the Woods. Richard Louv presents a staggering amount of research all pointing to our human need to be part of nature, whilst considering the many factors that have drawn us indoors.

I loved the idea. Yes! We should all go outside more! We should roll in the dirt, get lost and be inspired! If anyone’s in doubt as to nature’s brilliance, or wants some new interesting facts, then this is well worth a read.

I also read the second in the Wool trilogy. My long train journey to Manchester warranted a hefty piece of pulp fiction, and this kept me occupied for the full return trip.

A note on quitting: If you read February’s post you’ll spot that I had planned to read The Tiger’s Wife this month. I read half of it. I also read half of a P.G. Wodehouse book. Both were lovely, but I just didn’t make it beyond the halfway point. There are too many great books out there to warrant soldiering on with one. If you aren’t revelling in your read, I say ditch it!

Also, a big thank you to Laura who has created such a friendly online group of readers for #theyearinbooks. It’s lovely to see the variety in what everyone is reading!

Runner’s Remorse


I’ve spent the last couple days attending a course in Salford Quays. The area is criss-crossed with lovely brick paths, humped bridges over the water, with people rowing across in skiffs. The place is pretty quiet, save for people running or feeding the geese, but the lack of cars and shops makes it all the more tempting for a run.

In the interests of travelling light, I didn’t pack any running gear for this trip. I always avoid taking anything extra and pride myself in being a light packer. But, home alone on a sunny day up north, I did doubt the wisdom in this. It strikes me that running must be one of the best ways to quickly explore a city, and an easy way of getting exercise whist away (yoga mats aren’t very portable and I don’t fancy the look of that hotel carpet!)

When we recently stayed in Belfast, with limited baggage allowance, Tom ditched his camera in favour of the running gear. When we arrived, he dashed off round the city in his trainers, while I lounged and drank red wine. Next time I think the running shoes will definitely have to travel with me, even if it does mean a bigger bag.